The Sporting Club
The Regency Club
Regency Court, 62-66 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2EN, United Kingdom
The Regency Club is a creative working space, whether it`s for a formal meeting, for networking events and seminars or for a casual meeting in a unique space.

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MSC Club Lounge

Situated in the heart of Manchester, Deansgate, The Regency Club is a place to meet, work and collaborate, making it the ideal space for creative and open thinking to generate ideas to grow businesses. It offers a relaxed atmosphere for both our team and clients to work and socialise, so feel free to head over and use our private members bar, bring your laptop, log into our free wifi, and have a coffee on the house!
The opening times will be 9am until 5.30pm and complimentary breakfast, food and drink will be available to all Sporting Club members, as well as meeting rooms, lounge and bar areas. The space boasts a number of different boardrooms which have all aptly been named after four inspirational entrepreneurs. The Sir Richard Branson Suite, the sports-based Michael Jordan Suite, the Walt Disney Suite which is home to the much loved Sedulo Sweet Shop and finally, the Steve Jobs Suite, complete with beans bags and old school chalkboard.
You can also contact Maddie Ham at [email protected] if you would like to make use of the rooms at The Regency Club.
Phone: 0333 222 4445