Eoin Morgan
Morgan Smashes the Sporting Club for Six

The man who lifted the cricket world cup starred once again yesterday at the Sporting Club in Mayfair. Eoin Morgan spoke for more than an hour as he relived England's historic and dramatic world cup final win over New Zealand, letting us into the dressing room and allowing us on to the pitch for that dramatic super over. He received a standing ovation at the end.
Earlier England rugby world cup winner Iain Balshaw spoke followed by the inspirational London Paralympic rowing champion, David Smith.
We also raised money for the Ruth Strauss Foundation, a cause close to Eoin's heart.

Eoin Morgan with Ian Stafford Owner/Founder of The Sporting Club

Our youngest ever guest, a keen cricketer and huge cricket fan enjoys the limelight!

The inspirational David Smith with Eoin Morgan.

Fun and laughter with heads & tails whilst raising money for an amazing cause!

That victorious moment!

Iain Balshaw gives us his thoughts and wisdom on the recent Rugby World Cup.

David Smith gives a powerful and more than inspirational superhuman account of his incredible life story. The audience are blown away! A true hero!

Eoin Morgan England's World Cup Winning Captain!