Sporting Club Member - Pat Lewis - Chairman of Source One Consulting & Like Electrical and Joint MD of Source One Associates.

Q: How are you, family and friends? At the moment all well and the family at home are getting along!

Q: How is isolation going? For me.... missing the social part of my business life, the connection with people for me is really important and having that Irish background, I enjoy talking to anyone, about anything, over a drink! Certainly missing the Sporting Club events! 

Q: Have you got yourself into a daily routine? I’m sleeping more but trying to get into a routine of catching up on emails, exercise, reading and catching up on old TV I missed. Evening is family time even though my kids are in their early 20s. Games night every other night is fun! 

Q: Are you missing life as it was or enjoying the time out? I am certainly missing my work time that was mainly built around events and meeting people. I’m quite a tactile person, shaking hands and hugs with my pals and meeting new people. There’s only so many times my wife likes a hug from me! On the flip side I’m enjoying the rest time that this has allowed and perhaps has given me a chance to catch up. 

Q: What are the positives out of this unique experience? I’ve seen the good side of people in the way that we are helping each other. The majority of people have lots of good and caring in them. I’ve become fitter! 

Q: What have you managed to achieve during this period? Watched any box sets? Got the fence painted at last? Found a new hobby? Been catching up on sports documentaries that I’d missed, been tinkering with a couple of classic cars I have tucked away, I’m learning to play the guitar (slowly) and running a 5K every 2/3 days which has helped, A) Losing some weight and B) Getting the endorphins going! Oh! And finding out more about red wine! 

Q: How has your business been affected? With business across different sectors it’s interesting and challenging. The commercial interiors business and the commercial electrical business has slowed for obvious reasons but as these businesses are lean we can adapt them accordingly. We’ve been through a few recessions and survived so......... The sports/talent business is still there and will be ready to grow when the world gets back to some normality. 

Q: What lessons have you learned from all this, both personal and professional?  Personal, probably the fact that none of us are immortal and whatever the situation, it’s good to take a break and recharge. Not the ideal situation/reason to take a break but.... Professional, not perhaps a lesson but a challenge....How will business work without our ‘normal’ way of life and of doing things how we used to? 

Q: Do you expect your life to change as a result of this, both in business and in pleasure?  That’s the $64000 question. Business really depends on how we come out of this situation, I originally had 6 months in my head from when we really went into ‘lockdown’ in earnest. That’s monitoring, being proactive but in the same great way being reactive. Pleasure... I’ve always been very much ‘life is too short’ certainly after a family tragedy 11 years ago, I’m still that way now and really hoping that the world can get back to enjoying meeting people and friends at events, sports and face to face meetings. 

Q: What is the first, second and third thing you will do when life returns to normal?  First, good meal and drinks at a great restaurant with good friends. Second, strangely enough on my own, sitting in a bar/coffee shop in London just watching a normal world go by waiting for...... Third, another great day at a Sporting Club event with good friends and great people!