Julia Pizzichemi, Founder and Owner of Anatomy Matters, provider of mind and body health for the serious sportsmen and women and Sporting Club Member.

Q: How are you, family and friends? We are very well. It’s been great to connect with everyone more regularly and I do feel relationships are much stronger, definitely appreciate them more. I did have one friend who had COVID-19 but she has recovered and is on the mend, thankfully. She is super fit and healthy, so I have no doubt that has helped her.

Q: How is isolation going? Initially I found it stressful as obvious concerns for my business but got a contingency plan in place so feeling positive so far. Actually, enjoying it have time to focus on developing new ways of working and get on with studying and improving myself. I feel more, confident and strong.

Q: Have you got yourself into a daily routine? Yes, I wanted to make sure that happened early on so I spend my time wisely and to pass the time quickly and positively.I make sure I exercise in the morning, then have great breakfast and spend the afternoon meditating, and getting on with my projects and in the evening have great food and watch a good movie with my partner. 

Q: Are you missing life as it was or enjoying the time out? Both, I realise how much meeting people is to me. I need that connection and the time out is good also. It’s important to allow the body to rest and recover I have to practice what I preach, this is great for mental as well and physical fitness and performance. It’s all about balance.

Q: What are the positives out of this unique experience? Having to challenge and stretch myself, think out- side the box more. The service I offer is primarily, face to face and I believe that will always be important. I also think developing more remote ways of providing health and fitness is more scalable and means I can help more people not just in the UK but overseas as well.

Q: What have you managed to achieve during this period? Watched any box sets? Got the fence painted at last? Found a new hobby? Focus on improving myself, using meditation and relaxation techniques to improve my mindset, and I found software that works to build my online clinic so I can offer consultations and provide clients different health and fitness methods from mindset programmes to physical therapy and exercise prescription along with injury prevention and recovery advice for the serious sportsman and woman. A full service so super excited about that. I am going to be supporting my partner as it is Ramadan so I have taken up the challenge and keen to see what changes I see in my body. Not a huge boxset fan, love good movies, documentaries and comedies. I did clean my windows FINALLY!

Q: How has your business been affected? Dramatically as I mentioned earlier my current model is dependent on face to face appointments.

Q: What lessons have you learned from all this, both personal and professional? Always build my business in more than one way ,always have a financial contingency plan. Don’t feed into negativity as that effects mental health and blocks my ability to think clearly and practically. Stay calm and focus on how I can improve. I remember an interview with Sir Clive Woodward after England won the 2003 Rugby World Cup and it has stuck with me ever since. When you have a bad day that’s the time to go down the pub and have a drink, its when things go right that’s the time to get together and focus on what you did well and how you can improve on it. For me focus on what I do well and build on it. Personally value friends and family more and make time for them as it keeps you going and feeling good and motivated. However sometimes it’s the people you least expect that help you the most. To be happy where you are as things can always be much worse.

 Q: Do you expect your life to change as a result of this, both in business and in pleasure? It’s inevitable that changes will happen as a result and I do feel it will all be positive though. I will be more sociable and I believe that can only work well for my personal friendships and well as professional ones.

Q: What is the first, second and third thing you will do when life returns to normal? That’s difficult as there is so many things I want to do.

  1. Get to the gym
  2. See my parents
  3. See friends and or have a pub lunch by the sea, Chichester is a favourite place.