Derek Redmond - Former British, European, Commonwealth and World Champion and 2 time Olympian. Motivational, Inspirational Speaker, Business Performance Coach International Best Selling Author.

Q: How are you, family and friends? We're are all good considering! I speak with family members most days, and I became a Grandad 2 weeks ago so it's a shame I am not able to cuddle my new Grand daughter but everyone is well. 

Q: How is isolation going? Well there are 6 of us living at home as 2 out of my 4 children are here with their other halves! But fortunately we have the room, which is great. We do family film nights, everyone mucks in when it comes to cooking, I'm lucky we have a fully stocked bar so loads of time spent in there! TBH it's all good really.

Q: Have you got yourself into a daily routine? Oh yes I have, I am a massive believer that we all still need some sort of routine, otherwise we will just sit about being lazy and gaining nothing except weight!!! I have volunteered to drive and deliver packages for FedEx so 7am till around midday I do that. Then I am into the office to catch up on emails and record my daily REDtalk video that goes out on all my social media platforms, I chill with my wife for a bit, hit a few golf balls and of course I work out for a bit too!! We have a boxing bag, a static bike weights, dumbbells/barbell etc, a matted area, and a few other bits and bobs, so enough equipment to hurt yourself with!

Q: Are you missing life as it was or enjoying the time out? A bit of both really! Obviously I miss my work, getting out and about, being with people as I am a massive people person as you well know but this time has given me two things: quality time with my family (well most of them) and time to think about how I will have to develop and change since this is all over.

Q: What are the positives out of this unique experience? As above really, having to look at the way we do things, the way we conduct our work and to think about new things we can be doing. Also my appreciation for not just the NHS but for the way MOST people have had to be more thoughtful about things we normally take for granted.

Q: What have you managed to achieve during this period? Watched any box sets? Got the fence painted at last? Found a new hobby? Oh god, yes I have watched a few box sets! I have NEVER watched any of the Star Wars movies so working my way through them with my wife as we speak. As I have a bar I have been learning the art of cocktail making!! And I have so far learned how to make and edit videos online and again as we speak I am setting up my office for virtual conferences!

Q: How has your business been affected? My business has been totally killed! As a motivational speaker, business performance coach, event host, auctioneer, I can’t work in public so that’s killed all of that! Hense the reason I am setting up for virtual presentations. 

Q: What lessons have you learned from all this, both personal and professional? I guess to not take things for granted, to be a lot more creative with my thinking when it comes to my work.

Q: Do you expect your life to change as a result of this, both in business and in pleasure? There is no doubt life has changed for good, we will not be getting back to “normal” whatever that was, there will be a new normal for us all and we are going to have to adapt to that. My work will never be the same as it was again, I think there will be many new restrictions, recommendations, expectations once this is all over, especially where social distancing and mass gatherings are concerned and that’s the area where the majority of my work takes place.

Q: What is the first, second and third thing you will do when life returns to normal? Get my butt on a golf course. Take the wife away somewhere. Meet up with some good friends and have a big night!! (Not necessarally in this order!!!!!)

Q: What lessons will sport learn from the consequences of this pandemic? Great question! Again it comes back to mass gatherings and the precautions that would have to be taken to help the spread of any virus happening again on such a scale in the future. Will some events be held behind closed doors as the new “norm”? Plus, possible plans for having to deal with “seasons” being ended prematurely for back up plans to be able to complete full seasons/series in a shorter time. I am sure there are many financial situations that will have to be looked at too. There are so many unanswered questions, I guess that it is so difficult to know what can be done until we have an idea of where the goal posts will be positioned (did you see what I did there!!!). Sport is such a big business globally that just like in business some serious lateral thing will need to be done!