Celebrate 20 Years of Rugby Glory with Neil Back at Our Edgbaston Club

We are thrilled to announce that on September 20th, our Edgbaston club will be hosting a special Breakfast event with none other than England world cup winner and Leicester Tigers legend, Neil Back MBE. As we embark on the exciting journey of the 2023 world cup tournament, what better way to kickstart the festivities than by reminiscing with a true rugby icon who played a vital role in England’s historic victory? Get ready to be captivated as Neil shares his experiences, insights, and stories from the past and the present. It’s a morning you won’t want to miss!

Relive the Glory

In this section, we invite you to step back in time and relive the glorious moment when England became world champions 20 years ago. Neil Back, as part of that legendary team, will take us down memory lane and paint a vivid picture of the historic event. From the intensity on the field to the emotions behind the scenes, get ready to be immersed in the incredible journey of England’s triumph.

Neil Back – A Rugby Legend

As we dive deeper into this blog post, let’s take a closer look at our esteemed guest, Neil Back. With an illustrious career that spans not only the 2003 world cup victory but also numerous achievements with the Leicester Tigers, Neil is a true rugby icon. His dedication, skill, and leadership qualities have inspired generations of rugby enthusiasts. In this section, we’ll explore Neil’s remarkable journey and delve into the qualities that set him apart.

Celebrating 20 Years with Neil Back

On September 20th, our Edgbaston club will be buzzing with excitement as we gather to celebrate the 20th anniversary of England’s world cup triumph. This exclusive Breakfast event provides a unique opportunity for rugby fans to engage with Neil Back in an intimate setting. Hear firsthand accounts of the journey to victory, gain valuable insights into the game, and perhaps even ask burning questions during the interactive session. It’s an occasion that promises to inspire, entertain, and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Morning

Are you ready to be part of this momentous occasion? Mark your calendars for September 20th and make your way to our Edgbaston club. Immerse yourself in the spirit of rugby, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and form lasting memories as we celebrate England’s world cup victory. Don’t miss the chance to hear Neil Back share his stories, insights, and experiences in an engaging and interactive session. This is an event that shouldn’t be missed by any rugby lover!

Join us on September 20th at our Edgbaston club for a truly unforgettable morning of rugby nostalgia, inspiring stories, and engaging conversations with the legendary Neil Back. As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of England’s world cup victory, this special Breakfast event offers a unique opportunity to connect with one of rugby’s greatest icons. Book your spot now and be prepared to relive the glory, celebrate the present, and be inspired for the future of this incredible sport. Don’t wait, secure your place today and get ready to create rugby memories that will last a lifetime!